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Committed to Excellence

Lumitec Consulting is a dynamic, multi-faceted Information Technology company that provides Systems Integration and Software Development services to medium-sized companies (50-1000 employees). Founded in 2000 by President, Guillermo Abadia, Lumitec aims to provide the most practical and logical solutions for industries under the realms of healthcare, telecommunications, finance/accounting, and manufacturing. Lumitec utilizes the flexibility, security, and reliability of today’s technology, to better achieve tomorrow’s goals. Our high-impact, mission-critical projects have been proven to exceed expectations and positively affect our clients’ bottom line. We pride ourselves on maintaining continuous collaboration and communication among our clients to ensure that they receive the best customer experience and consulting services.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, Lumitec Consulting provides high-quality services that assess business-related and technological needs, all while providing effective leadership counsel to improve existing processes. Though stationed in North America, our company has established offshore development branches in Brazil, and has contracted services to companies throughout Europe and North America. Our passion for learning new technological systems that improve the quality of life, and our pragmatic approach when providing solutions to customers, are what make Lumitec Consulting the number one choice for software consulting systems in the nation.

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