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Software Development Expertise

Process Control and Embedded Systems Expertise

    Development platforms

  • Digital: DECStation Ultrix, VAX OpenVMS and ALPHA AXP OSF/1, Open VMS and Windows NT
  • Hewlett Packard: HP9000s800 and HP9000s700
  • Intel: Windows
  • IBM: RS6000
  • Sun: SPARCstation Solaris and SunOS
  • Silicon Graphics: Iris
  • Motorola: 88K
  • Linux
  • Distributed Control Systems

  • Texaco TDLINK: SPARCstation, TCP/IP
  • Foxboro IA DCS: SPARCstation
  • Bailey Infi90: VAX, Open VMS
  • Honeywell TDC2000: Data General Aviion
  • Honeywell TDC3000: Digital Alpha, OpenVMS
  • Leeds & Northrup Max1000: SPARCstation, Digital VAX, TCP/IP

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Intelllution FIX/iFIX: Windows
  • OSI PI: several platforms
  • Setpoint Setcon/Setcim/Infoplus: several platforms
  • CSI VXL: Digital Alpha, OpenVMS
  • Intec Controls Paragon 500/550: SPARCstation
  • Biles AIM: Digital VAX, VMS
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Woodward Governor SMART 3000 Controllers: Digital Vax/Alpha, OpenVMS, and TCP/IP
  • Square D 650 PLC: HP9000s7XX, Ethernet + SNAP protocol.
  • April Telemecanique PLC: several platforms
  • Allen Bradley PLC5: several platforms, DataHighway +, Interchange, RSLinx, MicroLogix
  • Modicon PLCs: several platforms, MODBUS and MODBUSPLUS protocols
  • GE Fanuc: several platforms, MMS protocol
  • Siemens Simatic Line: Windows NT, PROFIBUS, and STEP7